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DorkbotSF 47

Last night was DorkbotSF 47 at TCHO. There were three speakers, Timothy Childs, founder of TCHO, talking about how they quantify chocolate and make small testing labs for the Peruvian jungle; Michael Ang (aka Mang) showing off some of his work like Strange Attractor, artificial flowers to attract butterflies, and Blue Flower, yet another LED flower. The highlight of the evening though was Mark Pauline of SRL revealing his plans to build an 8 foot spine robot with a spike on the end. The evening was streamed, so definitely watch Mark’s critique of other spine robots that have been built. It’s around 51:00.

SRL Wants You!

Survival Research Labs wants volunteers. They’re looking for pretty much anything.

I saw an SRL performance at Zero1 back in 2006, “Ghostly Scenese of Infernal Desecration (Formally: Six Flags Over Hell).” It was very loud, and after the show, I dumbstruck. I remember walking back to the car thinking, “What the hell did I just see?” It was “interesting,” and I recommend it to anyone. (Video of the show after the jump.)

If SRL wasn’t in Petaluma, I would totally join.

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