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Construction Lamps

Studio Job is exhibiting these two “new” works at Carpenter’s Workshop Gallery in London this month. While these are described as “new works”, it really seems like I’ve seen these. Like in a Restoration Hardware or something. Both of these lights seem really, really familiar. It seems like I remember swatting the wrecking ball once to see if it was a cord or a stiff wire.

All of this just seems oddly familiar.

Guerrilla Public Service

After the Camden council in London removed all the park benches because bums were sleeping on them, self proclaimed anarchists, The Space Hijackers, wearing bright yellow vests installed new ones in broad daylight.

This story reminds of LA artist, Richard Ankrom, creating his own perfect facsimile Caltrans sign to label an exit to I-5 back in 2001. The sign is still there; hanging on gantry 23100, on the northbound state route 110, just before the 3rd St. overpass.

Giles Walker at Kinetica

Kinetica is running this weekend at London at P3 (35 Marylebone Road) and the aptly named Kinetica Museum (274 Richmond Road)[*]. One of the highlights of the show is Giles Walker‘s “Peep Show” seen above. No word on if Captured By Robots is performing.

artmachines has the low down on some of the exhibitions.

See below for a CNN interview with Giles and some other highlights of the show.

[*]: The Kinetica Museum is sponsored by Steorn. You remember them right? They’re the guys with the perpetual motion machine. Let’s just hope that Homer Simpson doesn’t show up