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NASA’s 3D Models

Today I learned that NASA makes available for download 3d models of various spacecraft and ancillary equipment. Want a LEM? They got that. Want a a space shuttle? They have five. Vehicle Assembly Building? Launch Gantry? Crawler? Got it. Got it. Got it. Want an astronaut? Sure thing. Don’t want the whole thing? No problem.

It’s pretty cool that NASA is making these available. I guess the original intention was for these models to be used for things like XPlanet or Celestia, but I discovered these through people are using these to print 3D models.

3D printing is interesting, but it seems like most things that people are printing are just toys. Don’t get me wrong, part of me kind of likes the idea of printing toys for Maximilian, but it seems a hard to justify spending $1800 on a toy maker.