La Vitrine’s LED Wall

Lighting artists, the Moment Factory installed on the front wall of Montreal’s La Vitrine theater a full length interactive LED display. Made up of hellalot of RGB leds, the patterns react to people as they pass on the street.

Moment Factory designed the lighting effects for Nine inch Nails‘s (w00t) 2008 Lights in the Sky tour. There’s a video of them talking about the effects on the tour, and how they were controlled from the stage rather than pre-scripted like stage effects normally are, but a combination of flash and their website being in flux have foiled me. Still, if you like effects and/or NIN, find the video. It’s not that long.

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1 thought on “La Vitrine’s LED Wall

  1. Katie

    That’s a pretty sweet LED video wall. There’s one on the side of Phoenix Art Museum that’s pretty cool too. I’ve seen some others like it as like public art, but never as interactive as this. If I ever make it up to Canada I’ll check it out.

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