The Ultimate Luxury Good

When I relaunched this, I kind of made a promise with myself that I would try to keep this to things I liked. “No rants,” I said; but somehow, I just can’t keep myself from sharing this.

Seth Godin pointed out that the difference between a luxury good and a premium good, is that a luxury good was priced beyond its utility, while a premium good commands an above average price, because it provides above average utility. A luxury good is meant to be conspicuous consumption. We are supposed to long for the diamond encrusted iPhone, simply because it is expensive.

With that in mind, I present you, Gläce Luxury Ice. Yes. Ice. Not even exotic ice, like dry ice, or anything. No. Just regular old frozen water.

In addition to the unsurpassed quality and peace of mind, Gläce Luxury Ice allows differentiation for those consuming a premium drink from those with less discerning taste. Gläce Luxury Ice is a symbol of status for those accustomed to the very best. Simply put, Gläce Luxury Ice will help your drink taste better, and enhance your spirits the way they were intended.

It also will may your dick look bigger for the paltry sum of $40 for 5 balls. That’s $8 per drink – for ice – one of the most ephemeral materials in the world. Good thing, it’s shown with a “premium drink” that I can get from my local BevMo! for $30.

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2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Luxury Good

  1. John Richardson

    I know that all of those "mixology" type cocktail bars go on and on about different drinks needing different ice (cubes, crushed, little, big, etc.) or having ice that's smoked or whatever… But this is just silly.

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