Monthly Archives: January 2012

Obama’s Secret Money Plan

Before the end of the 44th POTUS, he will accomplish something more evil than possibly be imagined. Even if it it is only the destruction of the one dollar bill. That will be evil enough to make his place in history as a brother of Satan, son of Satan, or Satan itself.

And now you know why the keep trying to put a woman on the dollar coins. Woman? Whore of Babylon? Do I have to spell it out for you?

Carol Christian Poell

I have recently discovered clothing designer Carol Christian Poell. His coats are some of most unique and stylish things I’ve seen. They look like they’re peacoats from some sort of future Christian Bale dystopia. Although his “high collar jackets” are a bit comical, and make the wearer look like Darth Malak. Curious, I looked around online to find some place that sold his clothes. I found two. Darklands in Berlin, and Atelier New York. The prices are insane. €2853 for the “Meltlock one piece dead end coat”, and it’s not even in my size.

It is a coat I would wear though.

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