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Carol Christian Poell

I have recently discovered clothing designer Carol Christian Poell. His coats are some of most unique and stylish things I’ve seen. They look like they’re peacoats from some sort of future Christian Bale dystopia. Although his “high collar jackets” are a bit comical, and make the wearer look like Darth Malak. Curious, I looked around online to find some place that sold his clothes. I found two. Darklands in Berlin, and Atelier New York. The prices are insane. €2853 for the “Meltlock one piece dead end coat”, and it’s not even in my size.

It is a coat I would wear though.

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Alexander McQueen

Fashion designer Alexander McQueen is dead. I was never someone who followed fashion, in fact for years I found haute couture baffling until I stopped seeing them as ostensibly clothes, but rather simply as art.

The reason I bring this up is not only because the guy apparently committed suicide, or that the man knew how to put on a show, but because I’ve been sitting on that picture of the Milan Fall 09 “The McQueensberry Rules” show for a year in my drafts folder, and I’ll never get it out if I don’t use it now.

Any of these would have been perfect for someone attending the Edwardian Ball.