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Irina Troitskaya’s Matreshkas


Irina Troitskaya created a set of matreshkas (Russian nesting dolls), modeled after animals.

Personally, I don’t find her art all that compelling, but I have had a fascination with Russian nesting dolls since Sesame Street. While looking at her matreshkas, I thought that it would be interesting to make a set where each dolls was an animal along a food chain. As you went up the food chain, each prey animal was put inside (i.e. eaten by) the predatory one. While this isn’t a particularly clever idea, it’s a set I would like to have.

May 2: Boiler Bar in West Oakland

Boiler Bar performance this Saturday (May 2), 8pm to 2am at 2600 Magnolia at 26th Street in West Oakland ($10 – $20)

I saw Jon Sarriugarte’s “oil punk” show at Makerfaire last year. Instead of seeming “oil punk” (early 20th Century version of 19th Century steampunk I guess), it struck me more of something along the lines of Carnivàle. Not that it was creepy per se, but it just fit in with aesthetics.

La Machine in Yokohama

La Machine is currently in Yokohama for the 150th anniversary of the Port of Yokohama (April 28 through September 27), with their £1.8 million Giant Spider of Doom. This is the second appearance of the spider. Previously, it appeared at Liverpool’s Capital Of Culture 2008.

Also from La Machine: The Sultan Elephant

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