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Waste of Space

I don’t understand this. So this old man that has loads of cash to spend on World Series tickets that are front row, right behind home plate comes to the game completely decked out in Marlins gear. A team that isn’t even playing. I know what he would say too, because I one time asked someone that wearing a complete outfit for the wrong team before. “I’m a Marlins fan, and I want everyone to know I care about the Marlins.” Of course, the guy I talked to was at a midsummer day game / bachelor party and hadn’t shelled out over a couple of thousand dollars in tickets, airfare and lodging.

And of course sitting next to him is Mr. John 3:16. (Although,
he did move down for the last out.) Yeah, that’s going to save some souls.

Giant Eye

A Florida man was taking a stroll on a beach when he stumbled across something out of the ordinary: a giant blue eyeball, just sitting there in the sand.

Slate reports that a giant eyeball washed ashore in Florida, and that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission needed help identifying it. Early money was on that it was the eye of a swordfish due to its color and the bones around the ball, and genetic testing confirmed the hypothesis. As for how the eye came to be disembodied / disarticulated, that’s a bit harder to figure out. The leading theory on that front is that it was tossed overboard from a fisherman.

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