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Son of Strelka, Son of God

Dan Warren posted into the Something Awful forums an audio book he said he had been working on for four years. “Son of Strelka, Son of God as narrated by Barack Obama.” (torrent, the entire 32 minutes aren’t animated yet) He took Obama’s audio book, “Dreams of My Father,” and re-edited it so that Obama tells the story of the a demigod and the creation of the world. It’s truly the most inspired presidential hack since St Ronald of Hollywood and Nancy Reagan addressed America about the joys of crack.

via Slate

Recovery.gov has a Logo

Obama unveiled logos for recovery.gov and the Department of Transportation’s TIGER project. The logos designed by Mode Project. The logos not only represent the economic recovery program, but will be affixed to projects that have been funded though the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

The idea of affixing logos to the projects that are receiving ARRA funds reminds me of the blue eagle from the New Deal’s National Recovery Administration.

The eagle was displayed in the windows of businesses that agreed to economic restrictions such as a minimum wage, maximum work hours, and minimum price laws.

I like the idea of clearly marking how the money is being spent. Not only does it promote accountability (assuming of course that the logos are properly affixed), but also highlights just where tax money is being spent. Too often people complain that they never see where their tax money is going. That’s because it’s spread out and in the background. It’s road, the police, the fire truck, the post office, and the school. Perhaps it’s naïve, but maybe seeing a logo will promote an idea of community. I don’t know.

The unveiling of the recovery.gov logo, caused me to notice that TARP doesn’t have a logo. Perhaps one of these could be displayed on doors of and ATMs of Citi and AIG.

hooverflag tarp moneybag tarp logo

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