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Partridge Family 2200 AD

Just when I thought 70s Hanna-Barbera couldn’t get more derivative, they came out with an animated spinoff of a crappy tv show with the entire style recycled from their crappy retread of a crappy animated knock off of a successful tv show.

Of course something as synergistic as the Partridge Family 2200 AD doesn’t come from just one boardroom. The story is that Hanna-Barbera was developing a spin-off of The Jetsons where Elroy would be a teenager, and I guess Judy would be a sorority girl at Universe University or some such nonsense. Anyway, when HB was shopping this idea to CBS, the CBS execu-bots, said they’d take it, but only if they added more Danny Bonaduce. So a few superficial changes later, and whoala!

I stand by my long held belief that the 1970s was the worst cultural decade in American history.

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The Great Jonny Quest Documentary

One of my favorite animated series of all time is the original 1960’s Jonny Quest. Not the bullshit 80’s “New Adventures.” Not the overly PC 90’s “Real Adventures.” It’s good ol’ guys-with-guns, jet packs, and a body count 60’s version, or nothing. Today we’d call it atompunk, but I prefer the Venture Brother‘s term “super science”. What really sets the original show apart from anything at the time, or since, is Doug Wildey‘s artwork. Wildey was a comic book artist, and transferred that stylized realistic style to the screen, where it worked fabulously.

Classic Quest fan, Chris Webber, found a posted a documentary about the origins and production of the 60’s show. I haven’t finished watching it, but from I’ve seen it’s a great piece of animation scholarship.

The film is available on YouTube in 20+ parts (first of which is after the jump), as a download from as 108(!) RapidShare downloads from Chris Webber’s site,
and as an excruciatingly slow torrent. (Guess which one I recommend?)

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