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Brothers’ Kiss Destroyed

The 19 year old mural of Soviet General Secretary Brezhnev kissing East German General Secretary Honecker, known as “Brothers’ Kiss”, has been destroyed by the city of Berlin. Dmitri Vrubel painted the mural on September 28, 1990 along a stretch of the wall running along the Spree River. That segment – now known as the East Side Gallery – is one of several that remain as a memorial.

The wall is currently undergoing restoration. As part of this process, the wall is being steam cleaned, and the underlying concrete repaired. Officials say that the artists can then repaint their images. Vrubel has been given €3000 to repaint his iconic image, but instead he plains to paint a similar, but different image. After all, art can’t simply be replaced.

QR Graffiti for Pirate Radio

Yuri Suzuki proposes using graffiti QR codes to promote pirate radio stations. Instead of broadcasting over the air, the audio is streamed directly to the phone whenever someone follows the QR code.

I would think one of the joys of running a pirate station is the overt illegality of it. Granted the FCC doesn’t often go around shutting down even prominent stations. (Except of course, when they do), but simply streaming over the Internet is like setting up a blog that no one reads. (*cough* *cough*)

asdf Videos

I one time came across a blog post talking about the sureality of uploading videos to YouTube and the like as “asdf”. The uploaders cared enough to upload it, but no enough to actually give it a name. If they don’t even care enough to name it, then why should anyone else care?

I was talking about this today, and decided to demonstrate sheer crap that’s on YouTube named this, when ironically, I found the sublime. It’s the music (Of Montreal’s cover of “Color Me In”), and the sheer persistence, if not sisyphusian persistence of the guy. It’s amazing.