Tumblr Revisited

I find it hard to use tumblr with a blog. Sure tumblr is a great way to find random pics (as I said back in September), but the lack of context is driving me insane. Also every time something is rebloged on tumblr, all the existing tags are lost, thus either encouraging less context or encouraging posts to be recontextualized. (Ha!) I feel compelled to track down the sources to the pictures, to tag them correctly with who drew what, who built that, sometimes even comment on them. However, you it seem very difficult to combine separate posts posts together into a single worthwhile post.

Then again, maybe that’s not the point. Tumblr is for random stuff. It’s for short comments if any. Blogs are for “big” things (where “big” is defined as anything over 120 characters.) Maybe I should just start collecting tumblr stuff together and reblog it here in the vein of Dark Roasted Blend.