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Shane Acker created an animated short a while back about tiny numbered cloth people in a post-apocalyptic world. Tim Burton is turning the short into a full movie.

Visually, it’s amazing, but I think I prefer the original short to the feature. The short doesn’t feature any dialog, and so that adds to the outerworldness of the story. I understand that most people can’t be bothered to watch something with no dialog (even Wall-E had dialog), but dialog forces extraneous notions like backstory, romantic subplots, interpersonal conflicts, that take away from experience the presented world. I’m not saying that these things can’t exist without dialog, they clearly can (well perhaps not backstory), but by using dialog they are brought to the forefront with a sledgehammer. Still, I’m hopeful for the feature.

9, comes out surprsingly enough, 09-09-09. (That’s ten years to the day of the North American Dreamcast release.)

Original short: