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Japanese Horror Makeup

Japanese horror makeup. I know nothing about this, except that it looks quite freaky. I do like the mouth. The entire effect reminds me of a scene in one of the Nightmare on Elm Streets where souls are struggling to escape from the walls inside a house. (Yeah, it’s just some guys pressing against a white rubber sheet, but j


Stylish Woman at the Protest

I really wish I could find this in high resolution.

I love how stylish she is. It’s such a great juxtaposition of the idea of the “dirty hippie.” As Cory Doctorow said, “[This is b]egging to be made into a Bansky stencil.” In a way, it also reminds me of Tank Man. Specifically how Tank Man is holding bags of groceries. He wasn’t there to protest; but when he found himself there, protest he did.

UPDATE: Sun Jun 2 22:39:57 PDT 2013 Alas, she’s just jumping it. :(

Black Tobacco Barn, Kentucky

A traditional black tobacco barn, Kentucky.

I want a farm, or a ranch. I don’t really care which. It’s all the same to me. Of course I don’t really want to work on a farm. I just want the land and the implements and the supplementary income, and the ability to say I live on a ranch or a farm. Of course, I realize that I don’t really want to do the work. It’s not easy, and it takes a lot of time. All I really want is the space and the lack of neighbors.

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