Monthly Archives: March 2009

Brothers’ Kiss Destroyed

The 19 year old mural of Soviet General Secretary Brezhnev kissing East German General Secretary Honecker, known as “Brothers’ Kiss”, has been destroyed by the city of Berlin. Dmitri Vrubel painted the mural on September 28, 1990 along a stretch of the wall running along the Spree River. That segment – now known as the East Side Gallery – is one of several that remain as a memorial.

The wall is currently undergoing restoration. As part of this process, the wall is being steam cleaned, and the underlying concrete repaired. Officials say that the artists can then repaint their images. Vrubel has been given €3000 to repaint his iconic image, but instead he plains to paint a similar, but different image. After all, art can’t simply be replaced.

The Cult of Done Manifesto

This has been kicking around the tubes for a while, but
Bre Pettis of Make, Thingiverse, and of NYC Resistor fame, along with Kio Stark have written what they call The Cult of Done Manifesto. It’s only 13 lines, but it boils down to the same sage advice that’s been around for years.

  1. Start today.
  2. Build one to throw away.
  3. Nothing is ever finished.
  4. Nothing succeeds like success